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Studio Hire

We have three studios which can be used for photography, video, music or events. In addition we can offer lighting, camera, and sound equipment at competitive rates.

Additionally we have a screen-printing facility available. Please click on links for more details and availability, and check ratecard for pricing. Or contact us with any queries using the form below.


Equipment and Crew

We offer equipment packages on either a wet-hire or dry-hire basis subject to checks if we don’t know you (references / deposit / insurance cover – as appropriate).

  • CAMERA + GRIPS HIRE - from DSLR to RED, Tripods, Mini Dolly, Slider
  • LIGHTING HIRE – Tungsten, LED, Kino, HMI
  • CREWING – Camera, Sound, Camera Assistant/DIT, Lighting

Please have a look at the rate-card for pricing on typical packages; however it is always best to touch base with us to discuss the specific needs of your job, especially if you require crew.


Digital Processing and Post

We can provide a variety of solutions for digital processing and post-production from small on-set ‘DIT’ kits to desktop-based transcoding, grading, and VFX work.

  • Transcoding to on-line and off-line formats, on-set or over-night
  • Colour-grading and look set-up
  • Editing, Grading, VFX, and 3D Compositing

Please take a look at the rate-card for basic pricing on a per hour basis; however it is best to contact us so that we can discuss your needs and tailor a competitive quote.


Castings / Head Shots

Our fully equipped and crewed casting services for both stills and video provide high quality product and quick turnaround in a friendly setting at affordable prices.

  • Comfortable and spacious
  • Separate waiting area if needed
  • Easy travel from city / central London

Please look at the rate-card to see details and pricing for studio prices; it’s best to get in touch with us direct or using the enquiry form on the right for the best quote.

About Us


Located near London Fields in Hackney we are a small but perfectly formed studio and digital cinema / film facilities provider. Our main space is approximately 500 square foot and can be used as a studio for photographic or small video shoots or, with its architectural features and natural light, as a location.

Additionally we have a sound-proofed studio with waiting area which may be used for smaller shoots, recordings or castings.

There are tungsten lamps and blackout materials on site and full lighting / camera / grips packages with or without crew can be provided at competitive prices on request.

We are run by professional film industry technicians and while our prices may be modest our standards are high! Feel free to get in touch with any enquiries and thanks for visiting.